Plan for Risk Involved with Going Public

  • Plan to Avert Great Business Risks

    During the process of business operations and going public, the business will face many great risks. These risks may ruin all the hard work that business members have accumulated over time, lowering company morale and creating great loss for the business. Therefore, the business needs to have an effective plan of action ahead of time. Our many experienced professional personnel can provide insight to businesses regarding the strict risk thresholds. Our insurance service provides risk analysis along with other analysis based on customer needs ahead of time, begin product comparison and strive for better coverage. This will obtain substantial protection for the customer at economical rate.

  • Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI)

    Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI) allows businesses to avert risks associated with initial public offerings (IPO). The coverage is provided for claims arising form issue of the prospectus, responsibility of underwriters, responsibility of controlling shareholders, responsibility of selling shareholders, etc. Please refer to the policy for actual coverage contents.

  • Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance (D&O)

    Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance effectively protects directors and officers from being affected by liability to third parties due to any conduct or policy conducted during the course of their duties. The coverage includes civil damages, litigation and defense costs associated with criminal proceedings, regulatory proceedings, and others. Please refer to the policy for actual coverage contents.

Employee Group Insurance Plan

  • Customized Group Insurance Coverage for Clients

    Group insurance is an important part of the flexible employee benefits plan. It helps in providing a sense of security for the employees, and it decreases the employee’s worry and stress in facing risk. If any bodily harm or death were to occur, employee flexible benefit plans can provide financial compensation for the harmed employee or their family at a time when they need it. This in turn will increase their gratitude toward the business. Our Insurance service has provided group insurance plans designed for clients based on each business’s needs, obtaining the benefits for every level of the business.

  • Healthcare, Life Protection

    Our insurance service provides each business with an appropriate group insurance plan based on the needs of employees from companies in the Greater China as well as abroad. The business can buy basic insurance for the employee, and the employee can add additional protection plans based on individual needs. Coverage can include business trip insurance, personal travel insurance, critical illness insurance, specialized outpatient insurance, hospitalization compensation, overseas medical insurance, life insurance, and others. We can provide clients with immediate assistance and advices.

  • Financial Insurance and Annuity Planning

    Carefully selected financial insurance products satisfy needs at various levels, protecting your assets and allowing for a more stable life after retirement. Employee group retirement fund plans are also provided in connection with the business’s features. Businesses who implement this program will enhance its employee’s well-being and increase the employee’s sense of loyalty to the business.

Healthy Life Management

  • Creating a Harmonious Business

    Many businesses include healthy life management solutions into the flexible employee benefits plan to build a harmonious business. This will not only allow employees to feel the employer’s care toward them, but it will also increase the employee’s sense of belonging and passion for work, which increases labor productivity and decreases loss of human resources.

  • Positive Ways to Prevent Risk

    Healthy Life Management solution is a positive way to prevent risk. With the principle that early detection of risk will decrease damage in mind, this solution, when coupled with the indemnity in the employee group insurance plan, will allow businesses to achieve the dual-functions of prevention and indemnity.

  • Cumulative Health Resource Services in the Greater China

    The Core Group combines heath examinations from the Greater China and we also cooperate with experts in planning items such as personal health checkups, medical tours, and others.