As The Core Group approaches its first decade, and it will continue to develop through innovative and active operations, which increases its core value as a whole. In terms of operational strategy, The Core Group created a comprehensive competitive advantage, and, to accommodate its strategic development, it actively works with international companies to create business opportunities in the global market.

Steadily expand locations in the greater China, promote the group’s global logistics, structure international competitive advantage, and set industry benchmark.

Focus on innovation, strive to provide more valued, made-to-order financial service solutions.

Assist the government in promoting retirement benefit plan; improving social benefit regulations; create welfare for the society, the client, and the employees; become a model corporate citizen.

Our goal is to create a new market and expand customer service parameters using innovative technologies and efficient process management, enrich people’s lives, and position The Core Group as a reliable long-term partner for businesses as well a market leader for expanding employee’s personal and familial wealth creation and inheritance.

Advantages of The Core Group

Diligent, Thoughtful, Dedicated Service, Trusted by Businesses, Relied Upon by Individuals

Possessing Abundant and Broad Service Experience

Our customer base encompasses a wide range of fields, including online gaming, social media, video, travel, education, information provider servicers, e-commerce, media, new energy, new materials, etc. We can cumulatively analyze every industry’s characteristics and provide customized plan services based on each industry’s features, allowing businesses with the new options plan to quickly grasp the main focus of its employee stock option plan or employee flexible benefits plan and, for businesses that already have an option plan in place, optimize and modify the pre-existing plan in line with the current trends.

Private Financial Management Increases Wealth

Businesses of The Core Group and its affiliates include global securities trading, funds, trusts, insurance, and offshore company agencies, providing comprehensive financial services. The service team members are comprised of financial experts such as CFP and CFA. With consultant services, they will find an appropriate wealth management solution based on individual client’s needs and decide how to best use our services.

Thoughtful Client Service

MySmartAdvisor offers free on-site training for the administrator and the employees of the client. A comprehensive customer service team for the Greater China is also available. Service hours are from 9AM to 11PM to help resolve the client’s issues. Additionally, MySmartAdvisor, the one-stop cloud service platform, provides tax and foreign exchange declaration services for business clients as well as assisting the internal staff’s insider control process.

Complete Financial Licenses and Approval

The Core Group's affiliates have a comprehensive background in financial services: Securities company is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to deal in securities, advice on securities, and provide asset management in addition to participate in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It has also committed capital reserves in compliance with the U.S. SEC Act Rule and SFC's requirements. Trust company is issued with a certificate of registration in Hong Kong. Another affiliate has valid insurance agency license from China or insurance brokerage license from Taiwan.

Clear, Efficient, and Secured Platform

Our one stop cloud service platform, MySmartAdvisor, has passed SSAE 18 audit requirements. Participants and administrators of the employee benefits plan can perform tasks online, since the platform structure is secured designed. The platform can also provide participants who are exercising the ability to go online anytime to find out the number of stocks traded and time of sale. The management report and tax report for various regions are all system-automated. The employee flexible benefits can also be connected to the business’s current human resources system to accommodate needs of the benefits plan. In addition, a dedicated network was especially built for the greater China, eliminating issues with network speed and maintaining the platform’s high functionality.


One-Stop Cloud Service Platform

MySmartAdvisor uses SaaS (Software as a Service), utilizing the benefit of linking Internet and software to fulfill the client’s need for a highly efficient and effective one-stop online tool for plan execution. The platform uses secure transmission technology and dynamic password protection technology, guaranteeing the security of the user’s personal information.


Employee Stock Option Plan

Our Employee Stock Options service integrates professional skills from the Greater China. Its steady development has successfully established a benchmark in the employee stock options industry. As the pioneers of this industry, we have set industry standards for service’s flexibility, efficiency and plan value. To the clients, our value is in its reliable service and comprehensive support. Once it understands the client’s needs, it can also predict any potential future needs.


CoreBenefits Employee Flexible Benefits Plan

As the pioneering one-stop human resources management platform, The Core Group provides the company with a variety of flexible employee benefit and compensation incentive solutions. Individual employee can choose the preferred benefit items or solutions from them based on needs. Our service help the company enhance employee’s satisfaction and retain the talents.