The Core Group has a strong IT team and a group of financial experts, enabling us to become a well-known FinTech group in the employee equity incentive plan industry. Not only do we provide a variety of cross-border financial services, we also leverage our business partnerships to help fund startups. Our goal is to help more entrepreneurs build successful companies.

Recently, we helped fund a wearable sports technology startup in Silicon Valley, TuringSense (, with USD 1.5 million. The company invented a portable device with multi-sensor that can capture, record and analyze high-speed full-body motion. This device can optimize technique and prevent injury by sending instant biomechanics feedback to users. Its cloud-based technology allows users to store and send session data to coaches, doctors and trainers in real-time, and users can even share information with friends and family on social media.

The company just launched its first product PIVOT which is specifically designed for tennis. It also plans to launch products for other sports such as golf and swimming in the near future. The company’s technology has great potential to expand to different areas such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, posture correction, compliance and virtual reality/gaming.

The Core Group will continue to help fund startups from different regions. We remember the excitement and passion we had when we started The Core Group and will support the dreams of other entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.