In September 2014, we opened our VIP Financial Management Center at the financial center of Asia—Central, Hong Kong’s Financial District. Our VIP Center has easy access to transportation, with secured access, a gorgeous view and great privacy where our clients can safely seek advice and formulate various financial plans in an upscale and comfortable environment.

VIP Financial Management Center

The Core Securities is jointly managed by experienced financial experts both in Hong Kong and abroad. It has an experienced team of finance professionals who have real-life experiences in professional investment both locally and abroad.

Financial Experts

After the client opens an account, the client can enjoy the online stock transaction account, which allows you to confidently enter into various investments in the international marketplace. It provides investment options in Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stocks and Shanghai Hong Kong Stock Connect Northbound transactions as well as other financial investment options.

Easily Invest in International Stock Markets Online

We have built a brand new fund investment platform. We are working with numerous top asset management companies to introduce over 200 selected funds, including various options in stocks, bonds, and balanced.

Online Investment Platform for Funds Coming Soon

  • VIP Financial Management Center_Taipei

    VIP Financial Management Center is located in Xin-yi district of Taipei, which called Taipei’s Manhattan. It is the preferable place with elegant surroundings for insurance consulting and service-oriented as well. It’s also nearby the Taipei 101 building for tourism or business trip. Welcome to experience our VIP Financial Management Center!

  • Individual Insurance

    In the journey of life, we would chase the various dreams at different stages, strive for a better life and comfortable environment for our dearly family members, and establish a solid basis for the success of our children in the future, we expect to retire earlier to enjoy an early achievement of hard-working life.

    On the way for a better future life, you might encounter the hazardous moments, hindering the realization of your dreams. Only well ahead of individual risk planning could able to assist you stay at the crucial moment facing the problems of life, carry out the commitments you have ever promised for your family.

  • Corporate Insurance

    In the modernize society, economic development and technological advances, the rapid expansion of corporate assets and the legal liability concept has changed. Owing to many unprecedented risks the enterprises are facing. At present, risk-transferring has become a link that business must consider about. It’s essential to arrange the funding sources ahead the loss, to ensure the enterprises could recover the operations rapidly by the Risk-transferring.

    Therefore, we prevent the damage for enterprise and propose the risk management plans, and also make recommendations for reducing the risk and insurance solutions to protect the enterprise which would not affect the operation and financial losses due to the significant risks. We have dedicated to provide a variety of solutions to protect business from the impact all along. So the enterprises could worry-free concentrate on managing their business of each field. We are committed to safeguard the assets, liabilities and sources of income of enterprises as well.

We provide thoughtful services that will put clients at ease. Established in Hong Kong, our trust service can design the appropriate and economical trust structure for the client itself or other intermediary financial institutions.
After implementing the stock option plan, we can assist businesses in building a compliant trust structure during the course of going public.
We will arrange the appropriate trust jurisdiction based on the client’s goals, level of control in the asset, flexibility, and safety, and we will commence asset investment planning, wills planning, tax education planning, and wealth inheritance planning.
Asset planing for you, your family, and your business becomes more flexible through establishment of an offshore company.
Typical “Offshore Company” refers to overseas companies established in countries or regions such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Samoa, or Seychelles. In order to attract non-resident foreigners in establishing a company for trade of investment, these countries have set special laws and regulations for international companies, providing duty-free or low tax incentives.

Reliable Service for Establishing Offshore Companies Easily and Quickly

Application for reservation of a company name
  • Free for name reservation
  • Notes for name reservation
Document certification service and hand in
  • Certified copy of ID and a proof of address
  • Application form of offshore company
Signature and activation
  • Activation Kit
  • Company Kit
  • Tax saving and convenient tax arrangement and planning
  • Registration process is easy, quick, and low cost
  • Company registration information and profile highly secure, ease of business operations
  • Relaxed requirements for investors, shareholders, directors; beneficial for fund raising and arrangement
  • Develop International business, raising business image
  • Easy business operations management
  • Beneficial for international trade