MySmartAdvisor Cloud-Based, One-Stop Management System Enhances Operational Efficiency

The cloud-based, one-stop management system centralizes the control data and integrates executed plans, option trading, reporting, taxation, and foreign exchange. It also establishes an overall plan with other flexible employee benefits, improving inter-departmental cooperation, including transparent communications between human resources, legal, finance, executive and employees. This in turn will lower the company’s risks and its management’s stress.
MySmartAdvisor Increases Employee Autonomy and Satisfaction

Every employee who participates in the stock option plan or has flexible benefits will have a personal username and password. MySmartAdvisor allows employees autonomy in managing their stock option and flexible benefits plan. Employees can log in at any time to check their option units, understand their insurance plan or the status of their claim. Even new employees can easily perform tasks and know the results. If there are any issues, our customer service is one phone call away from immediate assistance.
MySmartAdvisor Lowers Company Management Stress and Costs

With MySmartAdvisor and our customer service team’s assistance, each of the company ESOP administrators or HR managers is relieved of many cumbersome tasks involving data processing and participant or employee inquiries. Whenever there is a new grant or termination of a grant within the plan, the plan administrator or HR manager can update all information with assistance or authorize us to do so in his or her stead. This will allow for constant maintenance and renewal of the data, giving viewers the comprehensive records at a glance.
MySmartAdvisor’s Reports Can Satisfy All the Client’s Data Management Needs

Our expert team has created useful reports based on its years of experience with managing stock option plans and flexible employee benefits. The user can easily and accurately obtain (with authorization) all information and carry out timely regulation and data information analysis. A report with even more features may also be created according to the client’s needs, including third party’s data incorporation if needed. The company will no longer need to expend time and effort in sorting and compiling original data into a report.
MySmartAdvisor Provides Key Assistance During Foreign Exchange Tax Declaration and Exercise Control

The system will periodically generate accurate foreign exchange tax reports for the company to directly use for declaration purposes, greatly lowering the risk of human error while filing timely. Additionally, as the company prospers and its restricted person increases, MySmartAdvisor can set management controls and approval processes so that the past records of every transaction can be clearly traced consistent with the company’s evolving hierarchy.
MySmartAdvisor Passed SSAE 18, Maintaining stringent controls for Data Security

We have successfully passed the SSAE 18 audit requirements, meaning that we have been recognized as having complied with standards as set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in the protection of our user data in terms of internal control, security safeguard, and auditing surveillance measures. We will continue to maintain high standard and good policy for stock option services and employee flexible benefits.
MySmartAdvisor Invests in Systems Upgrades Every Year and Develops New Modules

We invest large amounts of funds in upgrading system software, hardware, and dedicated line. It upgrades the system with new technology and creates new modules by working closely with international professional accountant, law firms, or other process design provider. For example, the newly published SBC financial module has been used by many public companies. Please contact us now for a demonstration to understand more about how the ASC718 module helps businesses save time and energy.