Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Employee Stock Option Solutions

We have already provided comprehensive consulting services and pre / post IPO ESOP solutions such as full plan design, case studies analysis and specific grant procedure for almost one hundred top companies in the Greater China that went public or are going public in overseas stock markets. From stock sources, planning data management, control and reporting, and training to exercise stock options, we will assist you in realizing your plan every step of the way, providing the ESOP service and application. This type of fast, accurate, and concise one-stop solution service has undoubtedly received support from numerous clients and recognition in the market.
Compliant with Regulations and Abundant Practical Experience
Employ stock option plans have different administrative details depending on the laws of each country. Our abundant practical experience can provide specific suggestions that are compliant with the law. Examples include that, in order to prevent insider trading, a public company cannot exercise before and after issuing its earnings; blocking and releasing granted options; continuing vested stock options arrangement when an employee transfers or leaves the company.
Reliable and Trustworthy Partner
In addition to providing service, we have always been the client’s reliable and trusted partner. We accompany the client to success. Whether you are implementing a new employee stock option plan or hopes to strengthen your current plan, our local experts and global support will satisfy your every need.

Integrated Cloud Platform

5 Major Stock Option Services Combined in One Cloud Platform

MySmartAdvisor provides the diverse solution: five major services including data management, one-stop online platform for employee benefits plan and execution, tax filing, remittances and reporting. The platform can support different types of equity incentive plans (including option, restricted stock units, employee stock purchase plan, performance-based awards) and various ways to exercise, such as cash hold exercise, cashless exercise, cashless hold exercise or other methods.
Secure Transmissions and Dedicated Network Setup
MySmartAdvisor uses SSL certification and secure encrypted transmission to protect users’ personal data. At the same time, it uses dynamic password technology to bind the client’s cellphone or mailbox. The double password protection greatly increases account login safety. In addition, a dedicated network was especially built for the Greater China and maintaining the platform’s high functionality.
Online Grant and Signature Service
The unique online signature system for newly granted stock options that complies with U.S. laws concerning e-signatures. This system can provide full electronic management services such as tracking and filing participant’s ID verification, e-signature, and participant data (automatically building in e-signature time and IP address after signing). This will eliminate the cumbersome administrative process involving labor and paperwork. Of course, we will also create a paper file for the clients who must keep physical copies of the signature on file, and we provide backup scanning services. This decreases the risk of losing or destroying any data.
Customized Employee Website for Business
The custom stock option platform can integrate the preexisting personnel system with the finance system to become the company’s internal website, issuing company announcements internally according to each company’s needs.
All-Encompassing User Experience
Every participant may log into a personal platform account and check for various types of data records such as award grants, vesting, exercise, funds, income, and tax online 24 hours a day. Every account’s stocks and funds can be dealt with individually, and, based on each participant’s needs, participants can also create an independent account under the participant’s name. Participants may exercise in major stock exchanges around the world through one online platform. If there is a special need, offline trading services may also be arranged.

Full Process Report and Declaration

Reliable and Efficient Report Management Module

As a company expands its business and uses various award plans to retain talent, it may face more complex and time-consuming management issues. With our assistance, the administrator no longer needs to worry about these issues stopping your growth. We provide various management reports with every plan details concisely organized, allowing the administrator to handle various real-time circumstances.

Smart Online Management of Employee Stock Option Plan
Management reports that are both customized and compliant with international standards are provided for companies and participants. Users may check online and download reports containing items such as option grant, vesting, exercise, cancellation, tax report, etc.
Customized Report Generated at a Click of a Button Anytime
Users can set the reporting time frame and the frequency of reports generated automatically based on personal needs. Not only is this a convenience to the user, it also allows easy and accurate access of all information as well as timely regulation or data analysis. Additionally, we can plan and design very useful and functional reports based on the client’s further needs.
Compliant With Various Region's Needs Regarding Foreign Exchanges, Tax Reporting and Regulatory Schemes
We provide full-scheme services. It assists China branches of public companies in completing their foreign exchange filings, generating reports that comply with auditing standards. These reports can be used by finance, human resources, and external auditors. There is no need for users to labor over it twice.
  • SAFE Circular No. 7 report preparation
  • Foreign exchange settlement process and flow management
SBC Financial Report Module (Apply to GAAP and IFRS 2 Requirements)
Many companies have already chosen to use the groundbreaking SBC Financial Report Module, which accurately provides fair value estimate, amortization calculations (further flexibly tracking handling fee usage and departmental amortization of transactions) and related information revelation pertaining to stock option changes. This module will allow you to easily manage and generate financial reports that comply with accounting standard SBC’s requirements.

Customer Service

Customer Service's Congenial Support

With service locations in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in addition to a contact address in the U.S.; service hours from 9AM to 11PM, and the service concept of “customer first”, our customer service and support system, providing the clients with professional and congenial customer service.

Excellent Team Service
Our team is qualified for Certified Financial Planning (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). The customer service and sales teams also have security and insurance licenses in various markets.
Service team with Refined Professionalism
Our considerate service team supports clients wholeheartedly with refined professionalism, providing services for both the company’s administrator and participants. Every company will be set up with a dedicated service representative who can provide immediate solutions for the administrator’s issues. Administrators can safely give our service team any cumbersome task involved in managing a vast number of participants and allow us to share in your worries.
9AM-11PM Customer Service Hours
Customer services hours are from 9AM to 11PM. We have divided customer service representatives among China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, providing congenial services in Chinese, English, and Cantonese languages. This allows us to minimize the effects of public holidays.
SEC Rule 144 , Rule 10b5-1 Senior Manager Service SEC Rule 144, Rule 10b5-1
The Core Group’s highly experienced professional team provides services for the company’s senior management by assistant restricted personnel in preparing and filing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Form 144, 10b5-1 plan, and others. It can assist the company’s legal department and administrator in complying with SEC’s Rule 16 regarding pre-clearance.

Interactive Training

Diverse Training Methods

Training methods include in-person training or remote virtual interactive training, or it can be flexibly arranged based on client needs. The initial training is provided free of charge, and subsequent training may be provided from time to time based on system upgrades.

Initial Training Provided Free of Charge

All clients of The Core Group can enjoy our carefully arranged initial training free of charge. The training classes explain every step of administrating of the employee stock option plan in detail, supplemented by easily understandable online demonstrations or additional services based on needs (Open a securities account for U.S. and Hong Kong stock trading).

In-Person Training Service

Aside from detailed explanations regarding the employee stock option plan, the speaker and students’ interactions are also valued, and an atmosphere of active participation is encouraged. Through various incentivizing activities, the employees are encouraged to grow with the company under the relaxed and interesting classes.