About The Core Group

The Core Group is a fast-growing and innovative financial services company. We provide innovative solutions and platform for employee benefits including salary, employee stock option plan, and other flexible benefits to business clients in Asia and the U.S. as well as insurance, tax and wealth management plans to individuals through the affiliates. Our management team has over ten years of professional management experience. Recently, The Core Group has received awards such as the Annual Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises Award from The Golden Peak Awards for its services.

Employee Stock Option Plan

The Professional Employee Stock Option Service Provider

Comprehensive Solution
Integrated Cloud Platform
Full Process Report and Declaration
Customer Service
Interactive Training

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Flexible Benefits Plan

The Comprehensive Employee Flexible Benefits Service Provider

Plan for Risk Involved with Going Public
Employee Group Insurance Plan
Healthy Life Management

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Financial Service

Helping Clients Grow Their Personal, Familial, and Corporate Wealth Through Our Global Perspective on Analyzing Market Trends.

Wealth Management

With globalized professional experience in wealth management, we assist clients in continuing their personalized long term wealth and asset planning.

Insurance Planning

Our insurance planning experts will first understand the client’s needs, plan consultation, analyze the policy’s coverage and pricing, and then suggest a solution.

Offshore Trust

Professional Knowledge in Multiple Regions and Excellent Skills

Experience One-Stop Cloud Service Platform